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Bitcoin Price Forecast for 2019 – $25,000

Bitcoin price forecast are not anymore a surprise for no one. After the hystoric price level Bitcoin reached in 2017 when its value was about $20,000 it is now expected to reach beyond this point.

The price prediction for 2019 is around $25,000. Many financial experts share this opinion since Bitcoin it is gaining power each day and more and more institutions and platforms choose to integrate Bitcoin as a payment method.

Bitcoin price evolution 2009-2019

Bitcoin has become a phenomenon known worlwide thanks to its price changes over the last years. In January 2009 Bitcoin was launched and the first 50 BTC were generated. At that moment it had a low value, over 1,300 BTC worthing only 1 usd dollar. The price continued to increase every year slow. The year 2017 was full of surprises when Bitcoin price had a 5000% increase going from $400 to $20,000. After January 2018 Bitcoin price continued to decrease but it is predicted to regain its power on the cryptocurrencies market.

bitcoin generator